Rafael Zapata
Rafael Zapata
Name Rafael Zapata
Affiliation Velez Cartel
Pathology Double cop killer
Drug trafficker
Status Deceased
Actor Jacinto Taras Riddick
First Appearance "Loss"

Rafael Zapata Gaviria was a drug trafficker under the command of drug lord Cesar Velez.


Zapata had two prior arrests for murder and conspiracy but the charges were dropped both times when other cartel members confessed to the crimes. He was later the prime suspect in the murder/rape of undercover narcotics officer Livia Sandoval (alias Livia Tellez). The charges against him were dropped, but after planting a bomb in DEA Agent Tim Donovan's car the night before, killing him upon detonation (in attempt to stop him from testifying in the Sandoval case), United States Marshals arrested Zapata for Donovan's murder and offered him a plea deal to testify against Velez and serve less time and be moved to a new identity in Arizona.

While awaiting a hearing to testify against Velez, Zapata was last seen dead in his holding cell, the cause unknown.

Known Victims

  • 2003:
    • Unknown date: Livia Tellez/Sandoval (raped and beaten to death)
    • September 24: DEA Agent Tim Donovan (blown up with a car bomb)