Law and Order
L&O, Episode 5.13
Production number: 69414
First aired: 1 February 1995
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Arthur W. Forney


"Black rage" is used as a defense in the case of a Wall Street broker killing his mentor.


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Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the Colin Ferguson case and the "black rage" defense. Ferguson used the affirmative defense as mitigation in the Long Island Railroad shootings of December 7, 1993 that resulted in the deaths of six people and wounding of nineteen others. During the course of the trial, Ferguson fired his counsel and undertook a pro se defense. Upon the jury's rejection of the "black rage" assertion, Ferguson was sentenced to 315 years, 8 months on combined multiple counts of murder and attempted murder.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Jenkins, Clay & Co
William E. Cooke
Thursday, December 2

Apartment of
Bud Greer
542 W 45th Street, Apt. 2C
Friday, December 3

Coach Ride Limousines
126 10th Avenue
Tuesday, December 7

4 5 6 7

Forensics Accountant
One Police Plaza
Thursday, December 16

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Monday, January 3

Coffee Break Cafe
3 Pine Street
Friday, January 7

Benjamin Brothers
Thomas A. Barnes, CEO
Wednesday, January 12

8 9 10 11

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Tuesday, January 18

Office of
Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Monday, January 24

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Friday, February 11

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Friday, February 25

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