Law and Order
Law and Order
SVU, Episode 6.17
Production number: E5219
First aired: 1 March 2005
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Written By
Tara Butters & Michele Fazekas

Directed By
Juan J. Campanella


Stabler struggles to keep his emotions in check as he interrogates a man suspected in the murder of a teenage girl -- a man he once let get away on similar charges.


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Sandra Brophy; Kerry Lynn Palmer; Chloe Lynch; Dana McNamara; Carson City, Nevada; Aphrodite Salon; Staten Island; Illinois; India; Doctors Without Borders; 1991; California


Gordon Rickett: Every cop has a weakness, you just got to know how to exploit it. They think they're so smart. They treat you like you're an imbecile, if you're not careful, you start to believe them. It's a game for them, they get off on it. They got these huge egos; that's their biggest problem. All you gotta do is let them know who's in charge. Not them, you. They used to call FBI agents gangsters with badges; one step away from being the worst criminals in society. Stabler's like that, big time.
Odafin Tutuola: Who's Stabler?
Gordon Rickett: Jarhead detective.
Odafin Tutuola: You know Stabler?
Gordon Rickett: I do, and he knows me too. He's been thinking about me for a long time. He tries to hang you with your own words. Catch you in a lie. You're dead when that happens.
Odafin Tutuola: So what do you tell him?
Gordon Rickett: The truth will set you free.
John Munch: I was never much into sports. My high school basketball coach said I looked like a retarded gazelle with a spastic disorder. Mr. Daley. Real loving guy.

Odafin Tutuola: She says to say hello, and to rip off your nuts and feed them to you.
Elliot Stabler: Making friends all over the country, aren't you, Gordon?
Gordon Rickett: I'm a psycho killer! What are you gonna do about it, huh?!

Elliot Stabler: Gordon, you're kidding yourself if you think you're controlling it. It's controlling you. Every lie you tell to cover your inadequacies… every perceived insult you think you're getting… just feeds it.
Gordon Rickett: You're lecturing me about rage? Are you kidding?
Elliot Stabler: I'm not.
Gordon Rickett: What do you know about controlling anything?
Elliot Stabler: I don't murder people.
Gordon Rickett: Give it time. You say you see something in me. Well, I see something in you, too. You think you control? You can't. You're controlled by your boss, by your job, by your wife… your kids… What would you be if all those controls went away?
Elliot Stabler: I'd be you.
Cragen: (Door opens) Mr. Rickett you're free to go.
Elliot Stabler: Did you think I froze? Is that why you fired first?
Olivia Benson: I fired first 'cause you would've killed him.
Elliot Stabler: He deserves to die.
Olivia Benson: Maybe he does, but he wanted you to kill him. He wanted you to always remember that you took his life. Not 'cause you had to, but because you were angry.

Background information and notes[]

  • Goof: In one scene where Benson and Stabler are interrogating Rickett, it is meant to be midnight yet the interrogation room window shows daylight outside.

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Apartment of
Linda Cusick
204 East 3rd Street
Thursday, February 24

367 Old Town Road
Staten Island, New York
Thursday, February 24

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