L&O, Episode 9.11
Production number: E0211
First aired: 13 January 1999
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Briscoe Ramparts
Written By
Lynne E. Litt & Kathy McCormick

Directed By
Matthew Penn


A police-department cover-up stymies the prosecution of a 30-year-old murder case involving a college protester and a security guard.


Main cast

Guest cast



The police stalked, harassed and mistreated ordinary citizens whose political opinions they didn't like. Is this acceptable in a democracy? Is this acceptable in a society founded on freedom of thought and speech? Can our society survive secret police monitoring of law-abiding people who question government policy?

Jack McCoy

Governmental secrecy is anathema to democracy.

–Judge Lisa Pongracic

Background information and notes

1 2 3

Office of
Clark Paley
130 Broadway
Friday, December 5

Office of
Dr. Seth Bernstein
1152 First Avenue
Thursday, December 11

Home of
Darryl Grady
Staten Island, NY
Tuesday, December 16

4 5 6

Home of
Sam Wilton
Brooklyn, NY
Friday, December 19

Meta News Archive
469 west 28th street
Tuesday, December 23

Apartment of
Christine Aimsley
84 St. Mark's Place
Wednesday, December 31

7 8 9

One Police Plaza
Personnel Division
Friday, January 2, 1999

Office of
Allan Taylor
442 Eight Street
Tuesday, January 6

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Motion Hearing
Thursday, January 23


Office of
Executive Assistant
D.A. Jack McCoy
Thursday, January 30

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