Randolph Kittridge
Name Randolph Kittridge
Title Senator
Affiliation United States Senate
Occupation Congressman
Status Deceased
Actor William Langan
First Appearance "Cold Comfort"

Senator Randolph Kittridge was a U.S. Senator from New York and unsuccessful presidential candidate.

He was born in 1929 and was married to Maureen Kittridge, with whom he had two children, Eloise and Jack. It was unknown to the Senator that he was not Jack's biological father.

His political career included a long period of service in the US Senate, until he retired in 1995. He was well known for his support of the Voting Rights Act of 1964 which was advocated by President Lyndon Johnson. Due to his support, he received death threats which necessitated him receiving Secret Service protection.

In 1976, when he was 47, he began a candidacy for President. During the campaign, his behavior became erratic and forgetful. Due to this, rumors of drug use and infidelity swirled around him. He was eventually forced to end his candidacy with a press conference where he denounced the damage being done to his family, while struggling to hold back tears.

It was later found that Kittridge was afflicted with Early Onset Alzheimers, which caused him to forget things. While normally such a condition is incurable, somehow he was able to overcome it and resume his Senate career, which caused him to be regarded as "sharp as a tack".

He later passed away due to cancer in 2003. Just before his death, his children began to argue over the disposition of his remains. Eloise wanted her father to be cryogenically frozen so she could be with him in the future, while Jack wanted to enforce the will of record, which dictated cremation and entombment at Arlington National Cemetery. Jack eventually prevailed in Surrogate's Court and proceeded with the cremation. It was later found that Jack was blackmailed into challenging his sister by the Durning Foundation, which wished to study Senator Kittridge's brain to attempt to cure the Alzheimer's condition he had. (CI: "Cold Comfort")

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