Randolph Morrow
Name Randolph Morrow
Pathology Proxy murderer
Double rapist
Domestic abuser
Family Unnamed wife
Tamara Morrow (adopted daughter)
Status Executed
Actor Andrew McCarthy
First Appearance "Slaves"

Randolph Morrow was a rapist who kept his victims under his bed.


He kidnapped Ilena Codrescu and kept her as a sex slave under his bed and in his closet. He had also tortured his wife before, but stopped after kidnapping Ilena. Because he controlled all of the women, they were scared to admit he raped and tortured them, which was why his wife did nothing to help Ilena. He also had his wife kill Ilena's aunt, Constanta, by spiking her drink. He was captured by Benson and Stabler after trying to destroy evidence of his crimes while they were trying to find Ilena who was being held inside his house.

While in interrogation with John Munch and Stabler, he refused to answer questions and said he had complete control over Ilena and his wife, saying they would never testify. Stabler made him stand and sit down multiple times, then stated that he had control over Morrow. However, Morrow did not reveal Ilena's location. After reviewing the evidence and finding Ilena, Morrow was executed along with his wife under the murder-for-hire statute. (SVU: "Slaves")

Known Victims

  • His unnamed wife (raped and tortured)
  • Ilena Codrescu (kidnapped, raped, and tortured; was rescued)
  • Constanta Codrescu (Ilena's aunt; poisoned by a drink spiked by his wife under his orders)
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