Law and Order
Law and Order
"Rapist Anonymous"
SVU, Episode 15.09
Production number: 15009
First aired (US): 20 November 2013
First aired (UK): 15 December 2013
First aired (CAN): 20 November 2013
First aired (AUS): 28 November 2013
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Written By
Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Steve Shill


Detective Rollins finds herself in the middle of a he-said she-said rape case.


Detective Amanda Rollins helps her friend Lena Olson press charges against her lover when she accuses him of rape. However, Lena's history with the suspect and her proclivity for rough sex makes the he-said she-said investigation too difficult to pursue. When the case suddenly escalates to murder, a dangerous love triangle is discovered and Rollins is forced to confess her private life on the stand.

At the end of the episode, Rollins has reverted to her destructive behavior, gambling in an illegal casino. She was caught in the beginning of the episode having sex with her Gamblers Anonymous sponsor.


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Episode references


Warner (to svu team) So, it turns out, that she's a lesbian and he's transgender, and the murder weapon was lodged in his anal canal. (laughing).
Rollins (to Amaro): You're jealous, Nick. You are jealous of Olivia & Brian, Olivia & Barba, even Cragen. I mean, you are so addicted to your own misery. I'd recommend help, but they don't have a 12-step program for self-pity.

Rollins (to Olivia): I don't have to pay for someone to listen to my problems.

Background information and Notes[]

  • Fin mentions Jose Silva's attempt to rape someone in the season thirteen episode "Father's Shadow".
  • Starting with this episode, Olivia Benson is now a sergeant.
  • Brian Cassidy is once again a detective now working for Internal Affairs Bureau.
  • It is possible that this episode is based on the Jodi Arias case. Jodi Arias was convicted of First Degree Murder in the death of Travis Alexander, and was almost sentenced to death, but 1 juror held out, so instead, she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
  • The character Gene makes a reference to "all that Twenty-Five Acts stuff," referring to a BDSM book series, based on the real-life Fifty Shades of Grey series, that was the focus of a season fourteen episode.

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O-My-Baby Warehouse
5204 2nd Street
Long Island City
Monday, November 18

Supreme Court
Part 21
Thursday, November 21

Supreme Court
Part 21
Friday, November 22

Supreme Court
Part 21
Monday, November 25

Supreme Court
Part 21
Wednesday, November 27

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