Ray Garnett
Name Ray Garnett
Affiliation WVYS
Occupation Radio talk show host
Status Deceased
Actor Fisher Stevens
First Appearance "Semi-Detached"

Ray Garnett was a radio talk show host in New York City, working for station WVYS. He was known as a controversial radio personality, often discussing subjects which were sexually suggestive and/or bordering on the obscene. He, as well as his station, were fined by the FCC due to his inappropriate conduct.

Garnett suffered from depression, and was prescribed Paroxetine after a suicide attempt. He had locked himself in his garage with a car running, trying to poison himself with carbon monoxide, but he stopped when thinking about his kids.

He successfully committed suicide, however, about six months later. It became known afterwards that he had done so because his medication had been switched with a placebo to induce him to kill himself. (CI: "Semi-Detached")

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