Ray Schenkel
Ray Schenkel.jpg
Name Ray Schenkel
Pathology Convicted serial rapist
Convicted serial statutory rapist
Serial kidnapper
Serial harasser
Family Carl Schenkel (cousin)
Unnamed uncle (deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Robert Patrick
First Appearance "Demons"

Ray Schenkel was a convicted serial rapist who managed to make parole.


Ray was previously sentenced to 20 years for the rape of a 14-year-old girl and was suspected of several other rapes at the time. He was previously accused of raping her and seven other girls with his cousin, Carl, but managed to pin the others on Carl alone. He was released afterwards under the watchful eye of his parole officer.

On the bus back to New York City, Ray was suspected of raping a girl named Kelly Browning, which he is later proved innocent of off-screen. Detective Elliot Stabler knew he was a recent rapist and went undercover to prove it. He got a van and tried to see if he would rape again. Schenkel kidnapped a girl and told Stabler to rape her. After Stabler set her free, he held him with a gun until they were in a standoff. Stabler managed to subdue Ray before he was re-imprisoned for 25 years on kidnapping and attempted rape, while it is never revealed if he raped Kelly. (SVU: "Demons")

Known Victims

  • Unnamed fourteen-year-old girl (raped)
  • Seven unnamed girls (all raped with Carl)
  • Unnamed girl (kidnapped and attempted to force an undercover Stabler to rape her; was rescued)
  • Detective Elliot Stabler (held hostage and attempted to shoot)
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