Rebecca Stein
Rebecca Stein
Name Rebecca Stein
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor Joan Copeland
First Appearance "The Wages of Love"
Last Appearance "Prejudice"
This character should not be confused with Rebecca Steinman.

Rebecca Stein is a judge in New York City.

Cases tried

  • Granted the defense's motion to suppress the defendant's confession on the grounds that he was denied his right to counsel when the police refused to let him talk to his daughter, who is a social worker.
  • Denied the defense's motion to prevent the prosecution from using a tattoo on his arm to confirm that he is a Nazi war criminal named Jacub Skulman.
  • Took judicial notice of the verdict in the case of Jacub Skulman in Police War Crimes Court on the grounds it was key to establishing the defendant's motive.
  • Allows the prosecution to call Roland Kirk to the stand to testify as to the assault he endured despite him being mentally ill.
  • Sentenced the defendant to time served for spending two days in jail and two years probation after being found guilty of assault in the second degree.
  • Signs a warrant for Executive ADA Jack McCoy to subpoena Dr. Gilbert's medical records.
  • Granted the defense's motion to quash McCoy's subpoena to draw Delbert's blood for paternity testing.
  • Denied the defense's motion to dismiss the larceny by false promise charge after Kincaid suggests closing the courtroom.


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