L&O, Episode 6.02
Production number: K0106
First aired: 27 September 1995
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Written By
Suzanne O'Malley & Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Ed Sherin


Briscoe an Curtis investigate the murder of a college student in a biker bar.


Thomas Bell, the son of a wealthy family, had a fondness for biker culture. He went to the bar with his girlfriend, who had been romantically involved with another patron of the bar, a member of a New York City biker gang called the "Yankee Rebels".

Bell used computer bulletin boards and email to correspond with other bikers. Curtis uses his familiarity with the technology to help track down a bulletin board poster known to have been at the bar during the altercation. The poster declines to testify at the grand jury, calling himself a journalist and invoking the press shield law. Jack McCoy goes to court to force the testimony. After hearing arguments, a judge determines the poster does not have to testify about his sources, but he does have to testify about what he personally witnessed.

At the grand jury hearing, the poster claims to not have seen anyone murder Bell, because he murdered Bell himself. Because he did not sign an immunity waiver, this posed a significant problem to McCoy's case. McCoy does not believe the poster, though, and continues his investigation.

Further investigation reveals that after Bell's girlfriend broke up with the gang member, she kept a Yankee Rebel biker jacket. When Bell wanted to break up with his girlfriend, she was upset and suggested that Bell wear the jacket to the bar to "fit in," knowing that wearing a gang jacket to a biker bar would probably put Bell in severe physical danger. Though she did not intend for him to get killed, Bell was stabbed by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend who had been at the bar the same night.

With the story straight, the episode closes with the arrest of the ex-boyfriend, who is indicted for the murder.


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It looks like the Alien tore its way out of there.

–CSU technician

Briscoe: Meet Tommy Bell, N.Y.U. student.
Curtis: I guess he decided to see how the other half lives.
Briscoe: It doesn't live very long.

Briscoe: Did you get anything?
Curtis: Amnesia victims with blood on their boots.

They call me a Rubber-- A "Rich Urban Biker". I've been riding Harley Davidsons since some of these "outlaws" were on tricycles.


Tommy didn't want to be poor. He just liked to play poor and...screw poor.

–Caridad Montero

Igor: I don't talk to Spics unless I'm drunk.

Background information and notes

  • When Claire is buying her leather jacket, the friend who drives a Yamaha that she mentions is almost certainly Jack McCoy.

Episode Scene Cards

1 2 3

Apartment Of
Caridad Montero
237 Avenue C
Thursday, June 9

Apartment Of
Tommy Bell
351 MacDougal Street
Thursday, June 9

Clubhouse Of
The Yankee Rebels
157 E. 4th Street
Thursday, June 9

4 5 6

27th Precinct
Interrogation Room
Monday, June 13

Curren Motor Sports
232 W. 23rd Street
Wednesday, June 15

One Police Plaza
Communications Division
Friday, June 17

7 8 9 10

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Monday, July 18

Barrington Hotel
64 W. 56th Street
Friday, July 22

Grand Jury Room
Tuesday, August 23

Executive Office Of
Assistant D.A. McCoy
Wednesday, August 30

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