Reese Taymor
Name Reese Taymor
Title Detective
Affiliation Atlanta Police Department
Division Atlanta Special Victims Unit
Precinct Precinct 8
Occupation Police officer
Status Alive
Actor Dreama Walker
First Appearance "Forgiving Rollins"

Detective Reese Taymor is an ambitious detective who was raped by Charles Patton.


When Albert Beck was caught, Taymor, Patton, Sam Reynolds, and other members of the Atlanta Police Department go to New York City for a press conference on the case. Charles introduces Taymor to the New York detectives, including Amanda Rollins. When they go to their rooms for the night, Charles says that his key card isn't working and asks to go through Taymor's adjoining door, so she allows him in. Charles orders alcohol and Taymor has some in order to be polite, but when she rejects his kiss, he rapes her. After the assault, Taymor is found drunk and passed out on the bathroom floor. While being taken to the hospital, Taymor tells the nurse that she was raped and the SVU detectives are called in. Rollins and Olivia Benson ask Taymor about what happened, but Taymor tells them that she had too much to drink. After Rollins leaves the room and Benson tells her they will investigate, Taymor tells her that Charles is the one who raped her and that she won't press charges since he is her boss.

Later, Rollins comes to tell Taymor that she will need to testify. When Taymor learns that Charles is claiming they were having an affair, she is shocked. When Rollins tells her about how she too was raped, Taymor decides to press charges. In court, she testifies about how she was assaulted, but during cross-examination, Charles' attorney John Buchanan tries to portray her as a liar. While in the bathroom, Rollins comes to make sure she is okay but Taymor points out that Rollins encouraged her to take the stand but she wouldn't do so about her own rape. Rollins then tries to take the stand but the judge doesn't allow it. After an anxiety attack he had during Barba's cross-examination, Charles agrees to plead guilty and Taymor watches as he does so. (SVU: "Forgiving Rollins")

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