Law and Order
"Refuge (2)"
L&O, Episode 9.24
Production number: E0225
First aired: 26 May 1999
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Written By
René Balcer

Directed By
Constantine Makris


Following a double killing and an assault, the case against the Russian mob leads to a banker and nal money laundering. Meanwhile, Detective Curtis takes an early retirement to take care of his MS-stricken wife.


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Abbie Carmichael: The Russians are positioning themselves as money launderers to the world.
Adam Schiff: Lenin must be spinning in his mausoleum.
Jack McCoy: Let's not be too smug. They're using our banks, our Federal Reserve. They turned their country into a thieves' paradise. Now they're doing it to us. They're waging a war. By the time we get indictments, it'll be get over.
Anita Van Buren: What are you proposing?
Jack McCoy: I'm issuing arrest warrants for Volsky, Maletkov--all of them.
Adam Schiff: Didn't Ms. Carmichael just finish telling me you're nowhere near indictments?
Jack McCoy: I'm not taking this to the grand jury.
Abbie Carmichael: So you're just gonna hold them in prison?
Jack McCoy: For as long as we need--until we can make a case--before this thing spreads like wildfire.
Adam Schiff: I see. You're planning to violate three, no, five amendments to the Constitution.
Jack McCoy: It's time someone talked to Mr. Volsky in a language he understands.
Adam Schiff: And what language is that?
Jack McCoy: Adam, unless you order me not to do it...
Adam Schiff: I'm ordering you not to do it.
Jack McCoy: ...Hand me that pad of arrest warrants.
This country has always been a beacon to the world for liberty and justice. That's why we keep our borders open. But we're also a beacon for another kind of people, for criminals and con men; we rely on the law to protect us from them. Sometimes, that's not enough. Do we need more law, less freedom? Do we cross out parts of the Constitution? I've learned that's not the answer. The answer is that each one of us is responsible to everyone else. Not one of us can afford to turn a blind eye. By respecting the laws we do have, by living up to the true meaning of the word "citizen," we preserve our common good. Through his deliberate ignorance, Mr. Radford allowed a criminal enterprise to flourish, innocent people to be killed. He allowed a cancer to grow. This is where it has to stop. Here in this courtroom, with you.

–Jack McCoy

Konstantin Volsky, we're your friendly movers from the NYPD. We're executing a search warrant for bank statements, pass books, certificates of deposit, Eurodollar accounts, traveler's checks, wire transfer records reflecting deposits, withdrawals, and exchange of funds at any bank or financial institution in or out of the United States. In other words, everything except the family snapshot and the rubber in your wallet.

–Lennie Briscoe

Background information and notes

  • James Waterston (Dr. Shimo) is the real-life son of Sam Waterston (Jack McCoy).
  • This episode marks Benjamin Bratt's final contract appearance as Detective Rey Curtis. He makes one final guest appearance in "Fed".
  • Goof: Michael Mulheren is listed as in the scene card as "Sheldon Taylor" but in the previous episode his name is seen on his nameplate as "Harrison Taylor".
  • Goof: In one scene, a cameraman can be seen in the background filming.
  • This is the last episode of Law & Order to air without a spin-off series airing alongside it in both syndication and new episodes.

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Chambers of
Judge Sheldon Taylor
Tuesday, November 4

John F. Kennedy
International Airport
Monday, November 10

Civil Court
Part G
Thursday, November 20

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U.S. Court of Appeals
Second Circuit
Wednesday, December 17

Supreme Court
Trial Part 55
Wednesday, January 7

Supreme Court
Trial Part 55
Monday, January 26

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