"Refuge (2)"
L&O, Episode 9.24
Production number: E0225
First aired: 26 May 1999
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Curtis Refuge
Written By
René Balcer

Directed By
Constantine Makris


Following a double killing and an assault, the case against the Russian mob leads to a banker and nal money laundering.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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Abbie Carmichael: The Russians are positioning themselves as money launderers to the world.
Adam Schiff: Lenin must be spinning in his mausoleum.
Jack McCoy: Let's not be too smug. They're using our banks, our Federal Reserve. They turned their country into a thieves' paradise. Now they're doing it to us. They're waging a war. By the time we get indictments, it'll be get over.
Anita Van Buren: What are you proposing?
Jack McCoy: I'm issuing arrest warrants for Volsky, Maletkov--all of them.
Adam Schiff: Didn't Ms. Carmichael just finish telling me you're nowhere near indictments?
Jack McCoy: I'm not taking this to the grand jury.
Abbie Carmichael: So you're just gonna hold them in prison?
Jack McCoy: For as long as we need--until we can make a case--before this thing spreads like wildfire.
Adam Schiff: I see. You're planning to violate three, no, five amendments to the Constitution.
Jack McCoy: It's time someone talked to Mr. Volsky in a language he understands.
Adam Schiff: And what language is that?
Jack McCoy: Adam, unless you order me not to do it...
Adam Schiff: I'm ordering you not to do it.
Jack McCoy: ...Hand me that pad of arrest warrants.

Background information and notes

  • James Waterston (Dr. Shimo) is the real-life son of Sam Waterston (Jack McCoy).
  • This episode marks Benjamin Bratt's final contract appearance as Detective Rey Curtis.
  • Goof: Michael Mulheren is listed as in the scene card as "Sheldon Taylor" but in the previous episode his name is seen on his nameplate as "Harrison Taylor".
  • Goof: In one scene, a cameraman can be seen in the background filming.

Episode scene cards

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Chambers of
Judge Sheldon Taylor
Tuesday, November 4

John F. Kennedy
International Airport
Monday, November 10

Civil Court
Part G
Thursday, November 20

4 5 6

U.S. Court of Appeals
Second Circuit
Wednesday, December 17

Supreme Court
Trial Part 55
Wednesday, January 7

Supreme Court
Trial Part 55
Monday, January 26

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