Regina Prince
Name Regina Prince
Occupation Reality show host
Pathology Conspirator
Family Jeffrey Prince (husband)
Status Unknown
Actor Wendie Malick
First Appearance "Assaulting Reality"

Regina Prince is a woman who, along with her husband Jeffrey, covered up the rape of one of the contestants of her show and also set up hidden cameras to film people without their consent.


Regina and her husband were creators of Heart's Desire, a reality show. When a contestant named Melanie is caught being raped on camera, which is shown on live TV, the Special Victims Unit came in to investigate. Regina and her husband were less than helpful with assisting the SVU and acted very defiant and desperate to keep the show on the air. Despite Lieutenant Benson's wishes to stop production of the show, Regina and her husband refused. Eventually, it is discovered that Regina and her husband covered up the rape and set up hidden cameras in Melanie's room without Melanie's permission.

On a special episode of Heart's Desire, Regina and her husband made it look like the SVU did a lousy job with the rape accusation, and they also humiliated Melanie and lied about one of their producers. Eventually, Regina and her husband are brought in after being taped secretly admitting they covered up the rape, and ADA Barba offers a deal with them. They were ultimately charged with tampering of evidence and plead guilty, though it was unclear if they were convicted and served jail time. (SVU: "Assaulting Reality")

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