L&O, Episode 2.09
Production number: 67414
First aired: 19 November 1991
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Roy Pack Jr.
Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin & Joe Morgenstern

Directed By
Gwen Arner

A high school student who was having affair with one of his teachers is accused of killing the teacher's husband.




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"You think she’ll put him on the stand?"
{C "She has to, he already confessed."
{C "Bring your crying towels, boys."

- Paul Robinette, Benjamin Stone and Adam Schiff

{C "Charity usually begins at home, adultery usually begins on the job."

- Phil Cerreta

{C "We have a deal, Stone."
{C "Wrong tense, counselor. In my office, two half-truths do not equal a whole, and you better pray that your client here is snowing you, too."
{C "Are you threatening me?"
{C "As a matter of fact, yes, I am."

- Janis Rydell and Benjamin Stone

{C "Education. It’s a wonderful thing."
{C ""Anything worth knowing cannot be taught in a classroom.""
{C "Oscar Wilde?"
{C "Sister Mary Frances. She wielded a hell of a paddle."

- Paul Robinette and Benjamin Stone

{C "Hey, I'm a lover, not a killer."
{C "I'm happy for you, Romeo."

- David Kaufer and Mike Logan

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the Pamela Smart case. In 1990, Pamela Wojas Smart manipulated her 15-year-old lover William "Billy" Flynn into murdering her 24-year-old husband, Gregory Smart, promising him they would have a future together. Along with his friends Patrick Randall and Vince Lattime Jr., Billy shot Gregory Smart execution-style and then made the scene look like a botched robbery. All three boys turned State's witness against Pamela, who was so poised she was dubbed "Ice Princess" by the media. Smart is now serving a life sentence for accomplice to first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and witness tampering in New Hampshire. (Source: Pamela Smart)

Episode scene cards

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Aunt Dee's Bar
780 West 24th Street
Tuesday, November 12

Apartment of
Irv Isaacson
325 West 82nd Street,

  1. 209

Friday, November, 15

Wellsmith Prep School
654 East 76th Street
Thursday, November 21

4 5 6

Wellsmith Prep School
Teachers Lounge
Monday, December 9

Supreme Court
Trial Part 53
Tuesday, February 4

Chambers of Judge
Michael Callahan
Friday, February 7

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