Law and Order
SVU, Episode 8.18
Production number: 08014
First aired: 3 April 2007
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Written By
Allison Intrieri

Directed By
Yelena Lanskaya & David Platt


When teenager Melanie Tamkin is found dead in the apartment of a vacationing couple, Benson and Stabler are led into the world of underage drinking and high school binge parties. The case takes a twist when one of the teenagers' mothers is responsible for providing the alcohol for her daughter's parties and also responsible for sleeping with her daughter's classmate.


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  • Melanie Tamkin
  • Princeton University
  • Aspen, Colorado
  • Hanover Day School
  • Stonecroft Recovery Center
  • Tiffany Winston
  • Michigan
  • Courier Wines
  • Camp Fingerlake
  • Cherry Hall Academy
  • PETA


Kathleen: Relax, dad. I don't even like beer.
Stabler: If you did, would you tell me?
Kathleen: No.

Stabler: Guess I'll just have to look at your diary.
Kathleen: Nobody keeps diaries anymore.

(Lillian is drinking wine and Detective Stabler enters her home. She walks up very close to him.)
Lillian: Hello, Detective. Would you like a drink?
Stabler: I'm working.

Matthew: [on video, intoxicated] That old witch! Where's her broom?
Reagan: Up her butt!
Judge Donnelly: [turns video off] Up my butt? Haul their asses in here.

(Becca Rice has invited Benson and Stabler into her house, and finds Jordan Owens having sex with her mother)
Becca: What are you doing?!
Lilian: Don't come in here!
Becca: (entering the room) She's my mom!
Jordan: And she's hot!

(Olivia throws Lilian's clothes to her and declares that Jordan and Lilian are going to the station downtown)
Jordan: Why? We didn't do anything wrong.
Stabler: Looks pretty wrong to me. Get dressed.

Lillian Rice: Your partner's cute. Bet he likes 'em younger.

Munch: You could start a bonfire with all the alcohol this one drank. What's your poison, honey?
Reagan: Shut up, you dirty old man.
Munch: Who you calling old?
Matt: You can't keep us in here!
Fin: I'm sure your daddy will bail your ass out.
Munch: I called him two hours ago. Looks like daddy thinks he could use a night in jail.
Fin: (To Munch about Reagan) You finish processing the princess, and I'll take them all down to central booking.
Luke: You can't do this! I want my parents!
Munch: Yeah, and I want the troops home, the Kyoto protocol signed, and a Tijuana oil job from Miss February.

Stabler: With your record, Judge Donnelly's going a lot harder on you than the other kids.
Jordan: So I gotta be a rat?
Stabler: That, or go to jail.

Background information and notes

  • Lillian Rice's attorney says Becca having a .06 blood alcohol level is within the legal limits. In reality, it is illegal for minors to have a blood alcohol level past .02.
  • This episode marks the first time that a narrated flashback has ever been used on the show.
  • The airdate for this episode has changed numerous times. Originally slated to air in January or February, the episode was pushed to March 20, and then to March 27, but then rescheduled again.
  • This is one of two episodes of SVU to end with a message that isn't "to be continued" or a dedication to someone, the other being Chat Room.

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Rice Residence
278 East 85th Street
Tuesday, January 9

Part 29
Wednesday, January 10

New York State
Conference Room
Thursday, January 11

Part 29
Thursday, January 11

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Recovery Center
173 West 74th Street
Saturday, January 13

Trial Part 29
Monday, March 5

Trial Part 29
Tuesday, March 6

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