SVU, Episode 10.05
Production number: 10005
First aired: 28 October 2008
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Teleplay By
Jonathan Greene

Story By
Joshua Kotcheff & Jonathan Greene

Directed By
Peter Leto

Dr. Melinda Warner's expertise comes into play when a homeopathic doctor (who later admits he is an AIDS denialist) goes on trial for the death of a young girl with AIDS.


The detectives deal with a doctor who denies that HIV leads to AIDS and who discourages his patients from receiving proper antiviral medications, leading to a number of deaths. Stabler struggles with a teenaged boy who is the son and brother of these patients, and who may be facing a health crisis of his own. The doctor is charged with the crimes and while the mother, Susan, is testifying, she collapses from toxoplasmosis, a brain disease AIDS patients get. She finally believes that HIV leads to AIDS, but dies of the disease soon after awakening, but not before revealing to Benson that her daughter wasn't the only child to die.

The detectives find several more children that have died as a result of the doctor and make a deal with him to get his records and discover at least seven families that need to be notified that someone has HIV. They also discover that her son Tommy might have it, but he resists testing and breaks a few of Stabler's ribs. Stabler presses charges to force him to get tested, but drops them after it fails. As Tommy owes Stabler for that, Stabler convinces him to meet a young cancer patient named Kyle who got treated against his parents' wishes and survived because of it. Kyle convinces Tommy it's better to know and he allows Warner to test him. At the end of the episode he reveals the results to Stabler: he has HIV. He is scared, but Stabler reassures him that his life isn't over.


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Dr. Hutton: You're scaring my patients.
Detective Elliot Stabler: They should be scared.

Hutton: My beliefs are scientific fact.
Warner: They're junk science; you're a murderer and a false prophet.
Hutton: That's what they said about Jesus Christ.

Hutton: I have patients waiting.
Stabler: God help them.

Background information and notes

  • This is the first time A.D.A. Kim Greylek is seen in the courtroom.
  • The circumstances under which Susan Ross contracted HIV are almost identical to the circumstances under which Dr. Andrew Copelan contracted HIV in "Positive".
  • By the time of her death, Susan Ross has been HIV-positive for at least fifteen years while Tommy, being infected probably through breastfeeding, has been HIV-positive for fourteen years. These in reality would be really unusual cases, since the prognosis for HIV-positive people who don't take proper medication is usually between nine and eleven years.

Episode scene cards

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Office of
Dr. Gideon Hutton
369 West 21st Street
Tuesday, September 23

Ross Residence
602 East 73rd Street
Wednesday, September 24

Preparatory School
Stamford, Connecticut
Thursday, September 25

Trial Part 38
Wednesday, October 22

5 6 7

Mercy General Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Wednesday, October 22

Competency Hearing
Part 38
Monday, October 27

Mercy General Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Tuesday, October 28

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