Revolutionary Aryan Warriors
Name Revolutionary Aryan Warriors
Title RAW
Occupation Neo-Nazi group
Pathology Murderers
Status Disbanded
First Appearance "Raw"

Revolutionary Aryan Warriors (otherwise known as RAW) was a Neo-Nazi group led by Brian Ackerman. Their crimes range from hate crimes, murder, and rape.


RAW first came to the attention of SVU while they were investigating a racially motivated school shooting committed by Brannon Lee Redding. Redding had purchased the rifle used in the shooting from the gun store of leader Brian Ackerman. Stabler and Munch went to the shop and, after getting past Brian's teenage son Kyle, found a stash of Neo-Nazi paraphernalia, which offended Munch, a Jew. Kyle and another member, Star Morrison, were taken into custody for interrogation, where they denied involvement in the shooting. Brian later arrives to retrieve Kyle, and in the process makes offensive remarks towards the entire squad. Later, SVU finds the shooter, Brannon Lee Redding, who agrees to testify against Brian for hiring him in exchange for a lesser sentence. During the trial, Kyle and another member, Christopher Rawlings, open fire in retaliation, killing Redding, a judge, and a court officer, before both are killed. In the process, Star is revealed to be Dana Lewis, an undercover FBI agent. Their headquarters is later raided by the FBI and it is discovered Mark and Janice Whitlock hired the group to kill their son Jeffrey. (SVU: "Raw")

Several years later, Brian hired Seth Coleman to rape Dana while he was still imprisoned. (SVU: "Penetration")

Known Members

Known Associates

  • Brannon Lee Redding (a white supremacist affiliated with another group; was hired by Brian to commit the shooting at P.S. 74; deceased)
  • Mark Whitlock (hired the group to kill his adopted son Jeffrey; currently in prison for life)
  • Janice Whitlock (hired the group to kill her adopted son Jeffrey; currently in prison for life)
  • Seth Coleman (was hired by Brian to rape Dana Lewis; currently in prison for life)

Known Victims

  • 2005:
    • October 3: The shooting at P.S. 74 (committed by Brannon Lee Redding):
      • Jeffrey Whitlock (murdered; shot in the chest)
      • Annabelle Paoletti (survived; shot in the left shoulder)
      • Danny Koehler (survived; shot in the right leg)
    • October 27: The courtroom shooting (committed by Kyle Ackerman and Christopher Rawlings):
      • Brannon Lee Redding (murdered; shot in the chest by Kyle)
      • Judge T. Schuyler (murdered; shot twice in the chest by Kyle)
      • Two unnamed court officers (one murdered by Kyle, the other injured by Rawlings)
      • A.D.A. Casey Novak (held hostage by Kyle)
      • Detective John Munch (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally shot in the buttock by Rawlings)
      • Detective Elliot Stabler (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally shot in the let arm by Kyle)
  • October 25, 2010: Dana Lewis (raped by Seth Coleman)


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