Rex Winters
Name Rex Winters
Title Detective
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Occupation Police officer
Family Casey Ryan (wife)
Unnamed ex-wife
Lily Winters (daughter)
Unnamed son
Status Deceased
Actor Skeet Ulrich
First Appearance "Hollywood"
Last Appearance "Westwood"

Rex Winters was a Detective in the Robbery-Homicide Division of the Los Angeles Police Department on Law & Order: LA.


A handsome, rugged former Marine in his early 40s, Winters had the intuition of a natural cop. When he was a rookie, Winters witnessed the failure of the police both in the Rodney King incident and the first hours of the ensuing riots. It made him take his role as a cop more seriously and rely on himself more than his colleagues. He was married to his former partner, Casey Ryan, with whom he was having an affair while he was married to his previous wife. Her prior involvement in the police force led to some complications. They have two kids: a daughter named Lily, who witnessed him getting killed, and a baby son. He was shot and killed in Zuma Canyon by a gunman after Caesar Vargas, a drug lord, put a hit on him. His badge number was 9114.


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