Rick Benson
Rick Benson
Name Rick Benson
Occupation Former teacher
Pathology School shooter
Family Unnamed parents
Status Imprisoned
Actor Andrew Pastides
First Appearance "Rubber Room"

Rick Benson was a disgruntled teacher who planned a school bombing to protest how teachers' careers would constantly be ruined by false accusations.


Benson was a teacher when a student started urinating in a trash can. Benson moved to stop him. The student, out of spite, accused Benson of molesting him. Benson was removed and was moved to the Temporary Reassignment Center. His girlfriend also left him. He heard other removed teachers at TRC tell their stories of how their careers were ruined by false accusations by students and their parents. This anger caused Benson to plot a massacre to vent his frustrations, blogging photos and videos of weapons and pipe bombs.

While the police managed to identify and track him down and disable the bombs he had planted in a high school, Benson wounded three students and shot at Lupo and Bernard. When the bullets stopped flying, he called his ex-girlfriend and insulted her, blaming the attack on her. He took a shot at Lupo who was trying to talk him down. He fumbled at trying to reload his Hi-Point 995 Carbine and ditched the gun to retrieve a pipe bomb. Bernard suddenly appeared and disarmed him and Benson was arrested.(L&O: "Rubber Room")


  • The Hi-Point 995 Carbine used by Benson was also one of the guns used by Eric Harris, one of the shooters of the Columbine High School massacre, who was mentioned in the episode.
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