Law and Order
Law and Order
"Right to Counsel"
L&O, Episode 3.12
Production number: 68019
First aired: 13 January 1993
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Written By
Barry M. Schkolnick & Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
James Frawley


After a woman is found murdered in her apartment, her younger lover lies to the police about when he last saw her.


Main cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Mary Mara as Defense Attorney Sally Knight
  • Richard Cox as Steven Gregg
  • Darrell Larson as Defense Attorney Kevin Doyle
  • Mady Kaplan as Carole Spiegelman
  • Alice Hirson as Jewel
  • Carol Eve Rossen as Judge Blanche Gelfant
  • Bill Buell as Douglas Pomerantz
  • Thomas Hill as John Barham
  • Ted Sorel as Burton Charles
  • David Green as Jim Regan
  • Shareen Mitchell as Jane Alter
  • Donna Murphy as Karen Unger
  • David Breitbarth as Jim Maynard
  • Jerry Jarrett as Manny Cohen
  • Anita Keal as Arlene Ross
  • William Hill as Milgrim
  • Eugene J. Anthony as Murphy
  • Lionel Pina as Valdez
  • Floyd Vivino as Newman
  • Christopher Rubin as CSU Technician Taft
  • Jay Harris as Judge Mark Burns
  • Chester A. Sims II as Arraignment Court Clerk
  • Jack R. Marks as Trial Court Clerk



Sally Knight: What do you care? I represent the defendant.
Paul Robinette: And I represent the people. All of them.

In law school, I took 'Civil Rights'. Kevin took 'Tax Planning for the Wealthy'.


Justice is swift, not fair.

–Paul Robinette

Robinette: The defendant savagely murdered an elderly woman, your honor.
Judge Franks: Wait, wait, wait. It says here Mrs. Spiegelman was 61.
Robinette: That's correct, your honor.
Judge Franks: At my 61st birthday, you were cramming for a torts exam. I'd advise you to choose your adjectives a little more courteously, counselor.
Robinette: The People request bail of 500,000.
Knight: My client can hardly afford cab fare to Brooklyn, your honor. Why not make it a million?
Judge Franks: Why not? [laughs] And they say the elderly lose their sense of humor. [laughs again] Bail is set at 250, cash or bond.
Ben Stone: Adam, if you were a defense attorney, and a prosecutor came to you with evidence that tended to prove that your client was innocent, what would you do?
Adam Schiff: I'd celebrate up and down Center Street, and then move to set aside the plea.
Ben Stone: Until we withdrew the charges, there wasn't a peep out of Miss Knight.
Adam Schiff: If we took the license of every incompetent lawyer in the city, we wouldn't have to recycle the New York Times.

Lennie Briscoe: If Barbara Spiegelman was anything like my ex's mother...
Donald Cragen: Hey, Marge's mother and I aren't exactly hugs and kisses. I smile a lot at Christmas and do everything I can not to answer the phone on Sundays but I don't play Jack the Ripper with a steak knife.
Lennie Briscoe: Marge's mother isn't dangling $20 mil in front of your nose.
Donald Cragen: Okay. Talk to them.
Mike Logan: Steven Gregg.
Steven Gregg: What is it now?
Lennie Briscoe (as he slaps the cuffs on Gregg): You're closed for business.
Steven Gregg: What? This is ridiculous.
Mike Logan: Steven Gregg, you're under arrest for the murder of Barbara Spiegelman. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in the court of Law. Do you understand?
Steven Gregg: Yes.

Background information and notes[]

  • In this episode we learn that Captain Donald Cragen doesn't get along with his mother-in-law and avoids answering the phone on Sundays when she calls. He briefly mentions his wife Marge.

Episode scene cards[]

1 2

Office of Karen Unger
873 3rd Street
Friday, January 8

Chemical Bank
122 Hanover Square
Monday, January 11

3 4 5

Jewel's Boutique
1934 Carrolton Street
Westport, CT 06881
Thursday, January 14

Supreme Court
Allocution Hearing
Wednesday, January 27

Smythe & Bradley
100 Pine Street
Tuesday, February 9

6 7 8

Office of District
Attorney Adam Schiff
Monday, February 22

Supreme Court
Trial Part 57
Wednesday, March 31

Supreme Court
Trial Part 57
Friday, April 2

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