SVU, Episode 7.04
Production number: 07003
First aired: 11 October 2005
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Stabler Ripped
Written By
Jonathan Greene

Directed By
Rick Wallace

When his rage erupts during a case involving an ex-partner, Stabler consults a shrink, seeking to find out what's wrong with him.


When the teenage son of Stabler's old partner comes under suspicion for attacking a classmate, Stabler's inability to treat this like any other case gets him suspended.


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22nd Precinct


  • Dr. Rebecca Hendrix: How many times have you thought about eating your gun?
  • Elliot Stabler: Suicide is a sin.
  • Dr. Rebecca Hendrix: So is divorce.

  • Elliot Stabler: I've known Luke since he was a baby. Always a sweet kid.
  • Olivia Benson: Well, you haven't seen him since before he hit puberty. And he's not so sweet anymore.

  • Olivia Benson: (to Elliot after he beats up Pete) Elliot, what the hell happened?
  • Elliot Stabler: (dazed tone) I don't know.

  • Dr. Rebecca Hendrix: (to Elliot) You're not weak. You're so busy being strong and helping everyone, you've got nothing left for yourself. It takes a lot more balls to talk about your problems than to beat the hell out of a ghost.

Background information and notes

  • In this episode, Elliot reveals to Dr. Hendrix that his father beat him because Elliot had moved a piece of a school project that his father had helped him with.
  • Dr. Hendrix is now a blonde, when last season she was a brunette.
  • This episode was given a rating of TV-14-L-V for language and violence. This was the first episode to get a sub-rating (i.e. D, L, S, V).
  • Goof: When the gym manager is replacing the water cooler's bottle, he doesn't take the cap off.
  • Goof: When Dr. Huang is describing his first conversation with Luke Breslin to Cragen and Benson, the three walk past a fire alarm which has clearly been pulled.

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Sawyer Residence
540 West 207th Street
Tuesday, May 10

Part 38
Wednesday, May 11

Breslin Residence
202 Fieldston Avenue
Riverdale, New York
Thursday, May 12

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