L&O, Episode 8.10
Production number: K2516
First aired: 17 December 1997
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Alison Martin
Written By
Kathy McCormick

Directed By
Brian Mertes


The planned circumcision of a couple's daughter leads to a rift between the American father and the Egyptian mother and then to a killing.


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Lennie Briscoe: Who's she, the new community affairs liaison?
Anita Van Buren: No. What do you have?
Rey Curtis: Come on, L.T. What's up?
Anita Van Buren: Better you hear it from me. She's my lawyer. I was up for captain. One Police Plaza passed me over.
Lennie Briscoe: You're suing the department?
Anita Van Buren: Title seven--they promoted a white woman with the same score on the exam. I have the seniority.
Lennie Briscoe: I'm sorry we asked.

Mr. Tobak: This is an outrage. Dr. Nasser is not some peasant fleeing Cuba with a St. Christopher medal and two goats.
Anita Van Buren: I'm sure he's a respected member of the medical community in Egypt, but he'll have to be detained until his visa status is cleared up.
Mr. Tobak: Are you suddenly a federal official, Lieutenant?
Anita Van Buren: The INS is on their way over, you can discuss Dr. Nasser's release with them.

Jamie Ross: Mr. Tovak finally came through. Dr. Nassar's resume. Turns out he's an OB/GYN.
Jack McCoy: That's a few organs south of cardiology. Impressive. University of Cairo, Royal Academy of Medicine--a six-week seminar at Lenox Hill in '95--new laser techniques in the removal of uterine fibroids.
Jamie Ross: Hard to believe the victim had uterine fibroids.
Jack McCoy: I wonder why Dr. Nassar lied to us.

Jack McCoy: Who's her judge?
Adam Schiff: O'Hara.
Jack McCoy: The one who gave those two kids back to their crackhead mother?
Adam Schiff: Who later beat one of them to death. Yes, that's O'Hara.

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Apartment Of
Josef Moussad
212 East 38th Street
Thursday, September 18

Apartment Of
Farrah Patel
95 East 49th Street
Wednesday, September 24

Egyptian Consulate
976 Fifth Avenue
Monday, October 6

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Apartment Of
Mrs. Newman
101 East 10th Street
Wednesday, October 8

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Friday, October 24

Grand Jury Room
Tuesday, November 4

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Family Court
58 Lafayette Street
Friday, November 7

Office Of
Executive Assistant
D.A. Jack McCoy
Friday, November 7

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