Rob Miller
Name Rob Miller
Occupation Lawyer
Pathology Rapist
Status Imprisoned
Permanently disbarred
Actor Titus Welliver
First Appearance "Blackout"
Last Appearance "End Game"
Rob Miller was a lawyer who later became a rapist, murderer and stalker, who harassed several people during a two month span.


Miller raped defense attorney Nikki Staines at a police charity ball in March 2019. He was imprisoned for this, but vowed he would be released, claiming that he was innocent of the charges against him. (SVU: "Blackout")

He was released on bail in May 2019 and the charges against him were later dropped by the federal police, frustrating Benson and Stone, who swore to keep investigating. Miller later met Benson and Noah at a café in an attempt to intimidate Benson. (SVU: "Assumptions")

Miller eventually murdered a teenage girl named Lindsay Parker, who he attended a sex party with, and dumped her naked body in the Hudson River. This came to the attention of the Special Victims Unit, who immediately knew it was Miller. Alongside this, he started stalking and threatening Benson, Noah, and Staines, hoping to goad Benson into stopping the murder investigation, including poisoning Staines' pet dog. Despite the Special Victims Unit having only circumstantial evidence, Miller was eventually found guilty of murder and was imprisoned. (SVU: "End Game")

Known victims


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