Robert Dumas
Name Robert Dumas
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Precinct 27th Precinct
Occupation Police officer
Pathology Murder suspect
Status Awaiting trial
Actor Scott William Winters
First Appearance "Lost Traveler"
Last Appearance "Community Policing"
Detective Robert Dumas is a precinct detective working for the NYPD, who occasionally works with the Manhattan Special Victims Unit.


Dumas is partnered with Detective Louise Campesi at the 27th Precinct, and they are assigned to investigate when a boy walks into a convenience store alone. Their sergeant recommends calling SVU to deal with the child. After Benson, Fin, and Deputy Chief William Dodds arrive, Dumas explains the politics involved. (SVU: "Institutional Fail")

Dumas and Campesi later become the primaries on a string of push-in rapes and robberies, and they call SVU for assistance. Later, when Detective Rollins gets a hit on the credit card stolen from the victim, Dumas and the other officers respond. The store clerk tells them that the suspect withdrew some money after trying to get more and warns that he had a gun on his right side. He and Campesi then leave to canvass the area. When Sergeant Kevin Donlan starts chasing a suspect, Dumas and Campesi join the pursuit while the rest of the officers try to cut the suspect off. The three officers split up; Donlan and Campesi continue the pursuit while Dumas goes another way. When the suspect unsuccessfully attempts to get into a building, the officers pull their weapons out while confronting him. They all see the man reaching for something and open fire on him. Dumas stops after firing three shots, but Donlan and Campesi unload their magazines into him.

After the scene is secured, all three are taken to the hospital to get checked out. They are interviewed by Internal Affairs with their delegate and attorneys beside them. The three all give identical statements, which causes problems. After Campesi eventually finds out that all three are suspended without pay on the news, they go to a bar. Dumas calls Rollins over as well, but Donlan and Campesi leave in protest. During the grand jury trial, Donlan and Campesi testify that they followed their training and made the right calls, but Dumas struggles with his story. The grand jury eventually indicts Donlan and Campesi for manslaughter, while Dumas is charged with reckless endangerment. The three, plus the SVU officers, go to a local bar to discuss the events. (SVU: "Community Policing")


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