"Rock Star"
CI, Episode 8.02
Production number:
First aired: 26 April 2009
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Nichols and Hank
Written By
Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Bill D'Elia


Detective Wheeler and her new partner, Detective Zack Nichols investigate when a young hipster is found stabbed to death in a neighborhood, where ethnic tensions are rising. As they delve into the world of artists with big dreams, they initially suspect it had something to do with some the neighborhood he lives in. However, during their investigation, another victim is found pushed from an elevator shaft and they soon realize the victim’s death is connected to something more personal. After cornering the prime suspects Nichols unveils it was their band manager who killed the first victim out of jealousy towards a girl and then influenced another member to commit the second murder for the same reason.


Main cast

Guest cast


Public Assembly; Speckled Stallion; Cleveland; Ohio; Brooklyn; Los Angeles; Chaos Jackets


Hank: Is this supposed to be a door?
Phillip: You can't afford a door.

(on Zach Nichols)
Megan Wheeler: All children of psychologists are crazy. Established fact.
Danny Ross: He's not crazy, exactly.
Megan Wheeler: Oh, well that's reassuring.

Megan Wheeler: So when does the brilliant part start?
Danny Ross: Not big on trust at the moment, are you?
Megan Wheeler: I'm not talking about me.

Hank: Some people make their own breaks.
Zach Nichols: People like you?
Hank: People willing to do whatever it takes.

Megan Wheeler: Why are you a cop?
Zach Nichols: I like it, and I'm good at it... and that kid's a killer.

Zach Nichols: Just listening to some Speckled Stallion. Man, did those guys suck.
Megan Wheeler: You told Phillip they were great.
Zach Nichols: No, I said they were something.

Megan Wheeler: It's the little things, isn't it?
Zach Nichols: (smiles) Always.

Zach Nichols: Speckled Stallion always left the audience wanting less!

Background information and notes

  • The episode was originally under the title "Wannabe".

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"Rock Star"
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