Law and Order
SVU, Episode 7.09
Production number: 07010
First aired: 22 November 2005
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Written By
Patrick Harbinson

Directed By
Peter Leto


After sixteen-year-old Lauren Westley loses her unborn child due to a severe abdominal beating, her father's insistence that Lauren was raped leads detectives to the baby's father, but it isn't long before the detectives realise that Lauren was an active party in her own beating, and the two teens had found it necessary to take the steps they did because the abortion clinic kept putting off Lauren's request for an appointment. Novak faces a tough opponent in her own office when she and Branch disagree over the appropriate action to be taken against Wayne Mortens, the young girl's boyfriend. Casey, who didn't agree with Branch, basically gives the defense what they need to win as Branch refuses to allow a plea bargain. Afterwards, the doctor who stalled so the abortion couldn't happen and backed Lauren and Wayne into a corner is arrested for fraud.


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  • Branch: So you handed the case to the defense.
  • Novak: Wayne still got probation.
  • Branch: I may be pro-life, but I'm even more pro-law. Arrest that doctor.

  • Devere: There are people in this country who want to take us back to the 50's, and look what we've got. A 50's crime.

  • Novak: The baby was more than 24 weeks old, it could have lived outside the womb.
  • Devere: But tragically it did not, so it is not a person, not a baby, not an unborn child; it is a fetus. My client is already handicapped by the law, let's not add insult to injury.
  • Novak: The only insult is to the English language.

  • Benson: You hit yourself?
  • Lauren: (cries) Yes.
  • Benson: An eyewitness said you were yelling, "Stop. Don't..."
  • Lauren: (sobs harder) God forgive me, I was yelling, "Don't stop!"

  • Munch: These kids take one look at a Britney Spears video and the Golden Promise goes out the bedroom window.

  • Devere: It's one of those fake abortion clinics. They're springing up all over the country.
  • Novak: I didn't expect to see them here.
  • Devere: They're trying to clean up Sodom and Gomorrah.

Background information and notes

  • Robert Foxworth previously appeared as Benjamin Hadley in Misleader.
  • Goof: Lauren Westley says she tried to buy an abortion pill when she found out she was pregnant after missing her third period. The abortion pill, RU-486, wasn't actually an option for her because it is only used within 64 days of conception. She could have been referring to the morning-after pill (emergency contraception) but that is only effective when used within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

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Manhattan Woman's
Sexual Health Clinic
42 East 29th Street
Tuesday, August 16

B & M Metro
Parking Lot
336 Grand Avenue
Tuesday, August 16

Rikers Island
Wednesday, August 17

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Trial Part 46
Monday, September 12

Trial Part 46
Thursday, September 15

Trial Part 46
Thursday, September 15

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