Roger Kressler
Name Roger Kressler
Title Defense Attorney
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Ned Eisenberg
First Appearance "Wrath"

Roger Kressler is a high-priced defense attorney.


Kressler defended Andrea Kent when she was charged for the murder of Emily Sullivan. Kressler worked together with Lynne Riff, because her client, Paige Summerbee, was charged for the same offence. Summerbee and Kent were convicted for the murder. (SVU: "Mean")

Kressler accused ADA Sonya Paxton of deliberately playing a computer-created videotape of his client Dalton Rindell committing a murder, which had previously been prohibited in favor of a faceless videotape, in order to force a mistrial. While Paxton denied this, the charges were dismissed due to the misconduct. (SVU: "Hammered")

Known Clients


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