Roger Pearson
Name Roger Pearson
Title Roger Smith
Pathology Pedophile
Con artist
Child pornographer
Family Alexa Pearson (wife)
Charlie Pearson (son)
Noah Porter-Benson (adopted son; formally)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Mark Boone Junior
First Appearance "Wednesday's Child"

Roger Pearson is a child pornographer and kidnapper.


Roger and his wife Alexis have kidnapped several children and exploited them for child pornography. When a boy goes missing in 2014, the Special Victims Unit detectives find out his mother gave him away to Roger and his wife. Detectives Benson, Rollins, Tutuola and Amaro find the boy and several other children being used in a pornography video.

Roger is later arrested at a hotel, where he has been hiding with the children in the video and a teenage girl. (One of the hostage children is an infant named Noah, whom Benson later adopts.) Roger is arrested and the children are sent to foster care, apart from the boy, who is returned to his parents. (SVU: "Wednesday's Child")

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