Rory O'Toole
Name Rory O'Toole
Affiliation Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Occupation Agent
Pathology Serial rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jeremy Bobb
First Appearance "I Deserve Some Loving Too"

Rory O'Toole is a serial rapist who took advantage of his job as an ICE agent to target his victims.


When one of O'Toole's agents was arrested on rape charges, the Special Victims Unit asked O'Toole for access to the agent's laptop, and he gave it to them. However, this was to prevent the SVU from going through his own laptop, as O'Toole had much to hide there.

The detectives soon discovered O'Toole's own predatory nature; he had sex with several women in exchange for green cards despite the women being reluctant to do so. With the help of a woman who was trying to escape an abusive relationship with her husband, the detectives were able to take O'Toole to trial, where he made a plea deal in which he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for rape. (SVU: "I Deserve Some Loving Too").

Known victims

  • Unknown dates
    • Lina Vasquez-Boyd (forced her to have sex with him, threatened her with deportation)
    • Rosamie Klein (forced her to have sex with him, threatened her with deportation)
    • Maggie Quigley (falsely imprisoned her in ICE jail)
    • Numerous unnamed immigrant women (forced them to have sex with him, threatened them with deportation)
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