Rudi Bixton
Name Rudi Bixton
Pathology Murderer
Family Mia Bixton (sister)
Kenny Bixton (brother)
Status Unknown
Actor Omar Benson Miller
First Appearance "Fat"

Rudi Bixton is a man who was beaten up by Tommy Strahan and Jessica DeLay because he was overweight. As a result, his younger siblings Mia and Kenny assaulted DeLay and when Strahan is allowed to walk, Rudi shoots him. On the stand, ADA Casey Novak goaded Rudi into confessing that he had no remorse for killing Tommy and would do it again. Despite Jessica confessing to detectives about the assault, it doesn't help Rudi much and he is convicted of second-degree murder.

However, he is not present for the verdict and Detective Lucius Blaine reveals to Elliot Stabler that Rudi was rushed to the hospital where he suffered kidney failure and an amputation of his left foot. Blaine feels the verdict is pointless either way and implies that Rudi will soon die due to his diabetes and other health issues. According to Rudi's brother, he previously lost three of his fingers because of his hand developing gangrene from the attack and his diabetes. (SVU: "Fat")

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