Rudy Ventano
Rudy Ventano
Name Rudy Ventano
Pathology Alleged murderer
Family Cecilia Ventano (mother)
Joseph (uncle)
Unborn child (fathered with Meena Hasni; deceased)
Status Deceased
Actor Jason Cerbone
First Appearance "World's Fair"

Rudy Ventano was a suspect in the murder of Meena Hasni, his secret girlfriend.


Meena was killed by her brother Dani in order to preserve the Hasni family's "honor". Dani wanted to place the blame on Rudy because he saw him fighting with his sister. Meena was seven weeks pregnant with their child, but she wanted to have an abortion while Rudy wanted to keep the baby. They went for a walk to the Unisphere 15 to talk about their unborn child, and Rudy left her there to be murdered by Dani.

In an attempt to make sure the police wouldn't look at Rudy for being Meena's murderer, Rudy's uncle Joseph cooked up an alibi. However, it turned out that Rudy did have a solid alibi for the time of the murder.

Rudy wanted to explain his love for Meena to her family, but instead, Meena's father Kazi pointed a gun at Rudy's face, and a struggle began. During the fight, Rudy was fatally shot. (CI: "World's Fair")

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