L&O, Episode 19.01
Production number: 19001
First aired: 4 November 2008
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McCoy Rumble
Written By
Richard Sweren & Christopher Ambrose

Directed By
Constantine Makris


When a Wall Street stockbroker turns up dead, sound evidence is hard to come by, and D.A. Jack McCoy is forced to make one of the most controversial arguments of his legal career.


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FDNY; Wall Street; World Trade Center; YouLenz


"A stockbroker beaten to death in the middle of a workday? In this economy, this is the kind of thing that might catch on."

- Kevin Bernard

"My father used to talk about the bare-knuckled street fights during the Depression. But they were fighting for money to feed their families."
"These guys are fighting to feed their egos."

- Jack McCoy and Michael Cutter

"Court officers just broke up a fist fight in the jury room."
"Great, maybe we can watch it on the internet."

- Connie Rubirosa and Michael Cutter

"Crossing the line was one thing when Adam Schiff had your back. Now, you're out there all by yourself."
"It doesn't bother me."
"No. It just makes you more stubborn."

- Michael Cutter and Jack McCoy

Background information and notes

  • This episode was scheduled to premiere on the NBC network on 5 November 2008, but the episode was shown a day earlier on the Canadian television network CTV. After virtually no media attention, and a last minute schedule change, this episode marks the beginning of the nineteenth season of the series. The sudden scheduling change most likely let to the delayed premiere date for the eighth season from Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
  • An interview with creator Dick Wolf shows some interesting insights into this episode:
As Wall Street grapples with the worst economic crisis in decades, the episode is one of those uncanny coincidences that has kept viewers tuning into the longest running prime time drama currently on U.S. television. But series creator Dick Wolf said the November 5 season opener was "just an unfortunate but amusing coincidence" because the episode was written months before the financial collapse that has brought turmoil to anyone with a mortgage, savings account or mutual fund. "It was obviously written before the crisis hit but we have over the years been prescient," Wolf told reporters [...]. "A lot of things have shown up on the show almost simultaneously with events that have occurred in real life." (Source: All Things Law & Order blog)

Episode scene cards

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Construction Site
East 15th Street
Near Union Square
Tuesday, September 2

Arraignment Court
Part 88
Wednesday, September 3

Supreme Court
Trial Part 18
Friday, September 5

4 5 6

East River Park
Friday, September 5

Arraignment Court
Part 88
Friday, September 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 18
Monday, September 20

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