Ryan Quinn
Ryan Quinn.jpg
Name Ryan Quinn
Affiliation New York Police Department
Precinct 12th Precinct
Occupation Police officer
Pathology Dirty cop
Serial proxy rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Nadia Dajani
First Appearance "Internal Affairs"

Ryan Quinn is a female police officer who helped a fellow officer from her precinct, West, rape women because she was in love with him.


While working with West, Quinn develops feelings for him. When she started to use cocaine, there was a random drug test but West helped her by giving her urine to turn in so she would pass, which made her feelings for him grow. Eventually she started helping him rape drunk women they picked up from bars. Whenever one of their victims tried to press charges, the other officers at the precinct would make the rape charges disappear. When Officer Michael Groves leaves the precinct and tells others about the corruption, Quinn and the other officers of the 12th Precinct have him arrested and committed into a psychiatric ward. Internal Affairs investigate the 12th Precinct and enlist the Special Victims Unit to help them in the investigation. As a result, Brian Cassidy goes undercover as a new recruit in the precinct and becomes West's new partner while Quinn gets a rookie named Officer Kenneth Parker as her new partner.

The next night, when Lieutenant Terrance Wood informs Quinn that Cassidy is working undercover to investigate them for rape, she leaves Parker and tells West about Cassidy being an undercover police officer. When he comes down the stairs, they hold him against the wall, find a wire on him, and bring him to the docks while telling other officers in the area that Cassidy is a criminal. When they get to the docks, Quinn and West take Cassidy's gun from him and force him to kneel down while telling other officers in the area that shots are being fired. Before they can assault Cassidy, Detectives Benson and Amaro arrive on the scene, save Cassidy, and arrest Quinn and West for multiple counts of conspiracy to commit rape and the assault of a police officer. During interrogation, Quinn initially refuses to confess what she, West, and the other officers from her precinct were doing. However, Benson confronts her about her feelings for West and explains that she will never be in a relationship with him. As a result, she confess what she and West were doing. She also reveals that the other officers from the 12th Precinct had committed multiple rapes as well. (SVU: "Internal Affairs")

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