Sam Conway
Name Sam Conway
Pathology School shooter
Double murderer
Family John Conway (father)
Molly Conway (mother)
Brian Conway (brother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Bryce Romero
First Appearance "Man Up"
Last Appearance "Man Down"
Sam Conway is a school shooter who was pushed over the edge by his abusive father who sexually and physically abused him.


Raised in an abusive household, Sam was brought up to believe that being a man meant shooting animals and committing deviant acts. After he was sexually assaulted by his father John in the woods, the Special Victims Unit was brought in to investigate. Sam, however, is too scared to reveal his attacker until his mother tells the detectives that she saw her husband molest Sam. John is arrested, but is later set free. A traumatized Sam brings a rifle to school and shoots several students, which results in two deaths. Sam is arrested for murder, but an upset Peter Stone pushes to charge John for child abuse as well. In the end, John is incarcerated and Sam faces 60 years in prison, upsetting and angering him, but he shows remorse for what he did at the school.

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