Sam Reynolds
Name Sam Reynolds
Title Captain
Affiliation Atlanta Police Department
Division Atlanta Special Victims Unit
Precinct Precinct 8
Occupation Police officer
Family Unnamed wife
Unnamed daughter
Status Alive
Actor Myk Watford
First Appearance "Strange Beauty"
Last Appearance "Forgiving Rollins"

Captain Sam Reynolds is Detective Amanda Rollins' former commanding officer in Atlanta.


Reynolds arranged Rollins' transfer to New York through Donald Cragen after an unknown incident with her and a drunk Deputy Chief.


Reynolds later visits New York City to see how Rollins is doing and meets Detectives Amaro and Fin. He plays pool with Rollins and comments that the Chief's behavior, drunk or not, was inexcusable. He then tires to make a move on Rollins, but she rebuffs him, citing that he is married and he tells her he is separated. She then tells Reynolds that he caught her off-guard and he backs away. (SVU: "Strange Beauty")

Two years later, Reynolds contacts Rollins when a former basketball star named Shakir Wilkins is accused of raping three women and one of the victims is in his precinct. He later asks Rollins out for a beer, telling her he is separated again, but she declines. (SVU: "American Disgrace")

Rollins calls Reynolds again after she connects three rapes that happened to Atlanta to rapes occurring in New York. Rollins comments on how the victims' rape kits were not entered into the system, and Reynolds claims the witnesses were unreliable and it would have been a waste of time and money. (SVU: "Pattern Seventeen")

Reynolds later travels with the rest of his department to New York to comment on the case. When Deputy Chief Charles Patton is arrested for raping Reese Taymor, he confronts Rollins and thinks she is setting him up for hurting her feelings. When he make derogatory remarks at her, Rollins kicks him in the groin and she dares him to call the cops. He attends the trial to support his Chief and continues to think both women were trying to take advantage of him. (SVU: "Forgiving Rollins")


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