SVU, Episode 18.21
Production number: 18021
First aired: 24 May 2017
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Written By
Rick Eid & Julie Martin

Directed By
Michael Pressman


The unexpected release of a suspect in a hate crime case leaves Benson and Barba caught between two families seeking justice for their loved ones. As public protests escalate to violence, Benson goes to desperate lengths to make an arrest.


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Dodd: All that hate...what's happening to this country? It's like all of a sudden people feel free to say all the horrible things they are thinking out loud, no common decency, no filter.
Barba: People have always felt this way. Now they just feel empowered; they have permission.

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Apartment of
Hector Ramirez
227 West 150th Street
Thursday, May 4

Tommy's Moto Garage
6814 Cooper Avenue
Friday, May 5

Grand Jury
Part 14
Friday, May 19

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Supreme Court
Part 7
Tuesday, May 23

Supreme Court
Part 7
Wednesday, May 24

Supreme Court
Part 7
Wednesday, May 24

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Season 18
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