Sanjay Patel
Name Sanjay Patel
Pathology Rapist
Family Aadesh Patel (father)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Aby Moongamackel
First Appearance "At Midnight In Manhattan"

Sanjay Patel is a man who raped Chloe Cooper.

History[edit | edit source]

Patel's father Aadesh lost his job as a cab driver due to the increasing usage of rideshare services such as Uber. This frustrated and upset Patel, who cared for his father. One Friday night, he picked up Chloe, who had missed her ride, and, out of vengeance for his father, raped her to teach her a lesson about using rideshare services. He then dropped Chloe off and fled.

After mistaking the driver that Chloe booked for the rapist, Detective Rollins was able to capture Patel and find out his agenda for raping Chloe. With a strong case against him, Patel was imprisoned for rape. (SVU: "At Midnight In Manhattan")

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