Sarah Trent
Name Sarah Trent
Occupation Schoolteacher
Pathology Alleged statutory rapist
Family Jimmy Trent (husband)
Unborn child (deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Melissa Joan Hart
First Appearance "Impulsive"

Sarah Trent is a teacher who was accused of having sex with one of her students, Shane Mills, after he found out he had gonorrhea, only to learn Shane was the rapist.

Sarah discovered she was pregnant and terminated the pregnancy, disappointing her pro-life husband who she had been trying to get pregnant by. Sarah's husband assaulted Detective Elliot Stabler after learning the truth, but a sympathetic Stabler, who believed Sarah to be innocent, released Jimmy without charges as he knew Sarah would need him. Things looked bad for Sarah when she aborted her baby and was discovered to have been previously fired for taking boys out to lunch against warnings. However, it was exonerated that Shane was a sex addict and her previous firing was a preemptive strike by the principal who Sarah had turned down. This, combined with a prostitute revealing where Shane got the idea for rape, was enough to exonerate Sarah of the rape charges.

After seeing Shane's sincere remorse at trial and speaking with him, Sarah begged ADA Casey Novak not to send Shane to prison, stating she can live with her pain and refuses to ruin his life if there's a chance Shane could be helped. Novak agreed and offered Shane a deal where he was sent to a rehabilitation center for treatment but was later raped himself. Shane was able to finish his treatment at home and per his deal, would not spend the rest of his life as a registered sex offender. After Shane is raped himself, Sarah and Jimmy check up on him, genuinely concerned about Shane but upset to learn that the Kastner Center has offered Shane a million dollars not to sue them while Sarah got nothing for her own rape. (SVU: "Impulsive")

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