SVU, Episode 9.04
Production number: 9005
First aired: 16 October 2007
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Novak Nicholson Savant
Written By
Judith McCreary

Directed By
Kate Woods

The key to a violent assault case lies within a mentally-challenged girl with remarkable aural recall.


When Corrine Nicholson is found brutally attacked in her home and put in a coma, the only witness to the attack is her young daughter, Katie who has Williams' Syndrome. As they investigate the case, Corrine's husband, Ben blindsides the investigation by refusing to have the detectives question Katie further.


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Katie Nicholson: Hi, my name's Katie. What's yours?
Elliot Stabler: I'm Elliot.
Katie Nicholson: Hi Elliot! You look upset and need a hug... Can I?
(Katie suddenly latches onto Elliot's waist, who looks taken aback)

(Fin and Lake are waiting to meet with Dr. Morgan)
Pregnant Woman: Have the doctor told you if its a boy or a girl?
Odafin Tutuola: (puzzled) Excuse me?
Pregnant Woman: It's so hard for gay couples to adopt. A surrogate's really your only option. I don't get why they think its better to leave kids in the system than send them to a gay home. You two look like a nice couple to me.
(Lake looks at Fin and grins as he pats Fin's right knee affectionately)

(Benson and Stabler are leaving the Busken Group, and Elliot looks upset)
Olivia Benson: How's Kathy?
Elliot Stabler: Over 40 and pregnant. I just can't stop thinking about all the bad things that can happen...
Olivia Benson: So why don't you see a doctor?
Elliot Stabler: We're Catholic. Maybe it's better not to know.

(Ben Nicholson is being covered up by the FBI for reasons relating to the Patriot Act)
Elliot Stabler: So we can't touch him?
Donald Cragen: The Patriot Act trumps rape and attempted murder every time.

Katie Nicholson: Hi Elliot! Hi Fin! I'm so glad to see you!
Casey Novak: (approaches and extends her hand) Hi Katie. I'm Casey Novak...
(Without warning, Katie latches onto Novak and hugs her)
Katie Nicholson: Pretty!

FBI Agent Marion Springer: There is a terrorist around every corner, Ms. Novack. you just don't know it.

BAM! Then breathing. BAM! BAM! BAM! Then 'Bitch'... Then he went away. But he used the wrong word. That's not what it means.

–Katie recalling the attack on her mother.

That convoluted piece of legislation isn't worth the paper it's written on.

–Casey Novak on the PATRIOT act.

(Alex Parven is meeting his dad as Ben Nicholson is leading Katie past him)
Alex Parven: This is crazy. I knew you didn't do this...
(Katie hears Alex and suddenly starts pulling away from her dad)
Ben Nicholson: Katie? Honey? What are you...?
(Katie breaks away and walks up to Alex)
Katie Nicholson: You used the wrong word! A bitch is a female dog. (Alex looks bewildered) My mom is not a bitch!
(everyone freezes)
Joel Parven: (to Alex) What the hell did you do?

Casey Novak: Katie, do you know what a lie is?
Katie Nicholson: Something that's not true. You get punishment for that.
Casey Novak: Have you ever told a lie?
Katie Nicholson: A lady once made me a grilled-cheese sandwich. It had things in it. I didn't tell her that I liked it, but I ate it very quickly so that she would think I liked it... does that count?
Casey Novak: (smiles ) No. (to judge) Your Honor, I submit that this witness can be sworn in.
Lena Patrovsky: So ordered.
(Judge Petrovsky bangs her gavel, and Katie flinches in pain)
Katie Nicholson: Don't do that!
Casey Novak: She has very sensitive hearing, Your Honor.
Judge Lena Petrovsky: Oh, I'm sorry.

Katie Nicholson: That's okay.
Katie Nicholson: Can I have a hug?
Judge Lena Petrovsky: No. (quietly) Maybe later.

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Busken Group
Counseling Center
452 East 75th Street
Wednesday, October 3

Office of
Doctor Gerald Morgan
75 East 88th Street
Wednesday, October 3

Mercy General Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Thursday, October 4

Federal Courthouse
500 Pearl Street
Thursday, October 4

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Chambers of
Judge Gregory Trenton
Friday, October 5

Swearability Hearing
Part 46
Monday, October 8

Swearability Hearing
Part 46
Tuesday, October 9

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