SVU, Episode 8.10
Production number: 08002
First aired: 2 January 2007
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Written By
Amanda Green

Directed By
David Platt

Plot[edit | edit source]

Stabler heads to see terminal cancer patient Judson Tierney after a request from his parish's priest, and soon realizes that Tierney has a story that he is dying to tell but only wants to tell to his estranged daughter. With Benson keeping an eye on Tierney, Stabler looks into the man's past and learns that he was once involved in a series of unsolved bank robberies, and that he has been keeping a secret about his daughter for over twenty years. Its revealed that his daughter is not his daughter and that Mike Mollinax went to prison for a murder he committed 35 years prior and Tierney is telling the truth now as he wants Mollinax out. Even with Tierney's confession they run into trouble as Mollinax committed a murder in prison, but Elizabeth Donnelly comes up with a solution: have Mollinax plead guilty to the prison murder while the governor pardons him for the one he was falsely accused of, he is sentenced to time served for the murder he committed in prison and immediately be released. The governor agrees to the request and Mollinax is released. Tierney lives long enough for Benson to tell him, but while his daughter does come to see him, Tierney dies before she gets there with Benson at his side and his daughter breaks down in tears.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

George Huang: "Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Tolstoy, Anna Karenina. Families are complicated.
Elliot Stabler: Tell me about it.

George Huang: Tierney's trying to starve off death like Scheherazade with a story of bank robberies and illegitimate children. He's trying to hang on to make peace with his daughter.

Elliot Stabler: The wide collar, short tie? Classic 70's look.
Melinda Warner: Brings back memories.
Elliot Stabler: Of what? You in diapers?
Melinda Warner: (smiles) Bless your heart.

(on Jack Colino's mistress)
Elliot Stabler: Do you know what her name was?
Rita Colino: Rhymes with "hunt"... oh, you mean her real name? Suzanne Mollinax.

Fin: 48 hours, you solve 21 bank robberies, a murder and a kidnap? What, are you trying to make us look bad?
Stabler: Well, for once, Catholic guilt's a good thing.
Munch: I thought we Jews had a corner in that market. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be down in Federal Plaza gloating?

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • The title comes from the name of a Persian queen who, according to legend, married a king who would marry a new virgin every night and then behead her after consummating the marriage so that she could not cheat on him. Scheherazade avoided this fate by telling the king stories that he found so exciting that he kept her alive so that he would have a new story every night. These stories became the basis of the classic 1,001 Arabian Nights.

Episode scene cards[edit | edit source]

1 2 3

Residence of
Sheila Tierney Dumont
423 West 83rd Street
Sunday, November 4

Crime Lab
One Police Plaza
Sunday, November 4

St. Paul's Cemetery
Plattsburg, New York
Monday, November 5

4 5 6

Residence of Rita Colino
Long Island, New York
Monday, November 5

Sing Sing Prison
Ossining, New York
Tuesday, November 6

Office of the Governor
Albany, New York
Wednesday, November 7

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