Law and Order
"School Daze"
L&O, Episode 11.22
Production number: E1329
First aired: 16 May 2001
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Teleplay By
Barry Schindel & Eric Overmyer

Story By
Dick Wolf

Directed By
Richard Dobbs


Briscoe and Green investigate a school shooting, in which four students are killed and eleven others are wounded. It soon becomes apparent that more than one child fits the profile and the evidence, but an e-mail sent by one of the students skewers the investigation towards one particular youth with a violent history. McCoy goes head to head with Jamie Ross, who is acting as the teen's defense attorney, and who argues that the e-mail is inadmissible because it was found as a result of privileged information being revealed by a school psychologist.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Robert Emmet Lunney as Bill Semple
  • Mia Dillon as Patricia Semple
  • Michael Shulman as Kevin Miller
  • Timothy Reifsnyder as Henry Semple
  • Marisa Redanty as Principal
  • Greg Wood as Semple's Public Defender
  • Michelle Hurst as Defense Attorney Simone Adams
  • Kevin N. Davis as John Laramie
  • Elizabeth Kemp as Laila Jacobs
  • Halley Feiffer as Colleen Jacobs
  • Colin Fickes as Paul
  • Mary Kaye Swedish as Dr. Helen Forsythe
  • Les McDonough as Mr. Miller
  • Rudy Roberson as Lonnie Nolan
  • Lyndsey Watkins as Linda Johnson
  • Sebastian Sozzi as Tommy Gutierrez
  • Christopher Knowings as Student Council President Brian Anders
  • Neal Hemphill as Father #1
  • Don Clark Williams as Father #2
  • Fermín Suárez as Father #3
  • Dee Pelletier as Mother #1
  • Gretha Boston as Mother #2
  • Michael Winther as Reporter
  • Michael E. Lopez as Max Roberts
  • Kathleen Hunt as Linda Fox
  • Freddie Robinson, Jr. as John Reese
  • Olivia Oguma as Melanie Hsu
  • Pamela Bel Anu as Uniform Policewoman
  • Terianne Flacone as Mrs. Miller
  • David Sajadi as Uniform Policeman
  • Sanjiv Jhaveri as Clerk
  • Jeannine Comeau as Foreperson
  • Tamara Torres as Woman
  • Albert E. King as Howard Earl



Jamie Ross: Someone better remind her of her ethical obligations as a prosecutor.
Abbie Carmichael: You mean the one that says I should put someone on trial who I think is guilty?
Jamie Ross: No, the one that says you need evidence to do it.
Abbie Carmichael: I just told you our evidence.
Jack McCoy: Detective, I had just told them that we had to cut Semple loose because of your screw up. I wasn't about to let them know they knew more than we did.
Lennie Briscoe: Anytime you think you can do my job better than me, just let me know!
Jack McCoy: Your job is to gather evidence we can use in court, not make headlines playing hero.
Ed Green: That's what you think we were doing? Let me tell you something. The next time you go into court and somebody draws a gun on you, tell me how you deal with it!
Jack McCoy: You don't like your job's requirements, Detective, turn in your badge!
Abbie Carmichael: Gentlemen, if we could just lower the level of testosterone a little bit.
Abbie Carmichael: How can releasing a kid we know committed a crime be right?
Nora Lewis: Doesn't it concern you at all that releasing a kid's name to the public without a court order creates a feeding frenzy for suspects?
Abbie Carmichael: Not when someone's life is at stake.
Nora Lewis: Except these cops were given three names. One of them was dragged out of his own neighborhood because nobody bothered to verify the facts. The public looks to us maintain law & order, not run around like chickens with their heads chopped off!
With what's waiting for him, it might have been kinder to give him the needle.

–Nora Lewin

Abbie Carmichael: We all went to high school. We all had problems. None of us picked up a gun and killed someone.
Patricia Semple: You think you can look at your child and know he's capable of doing this?
Abbie Carmichael: I think it depends how hard you're looking, Mrs. Semple.
Paul: I thought Henry was only joking.
Ed Green: Oh yeah? What did you think was going to come out of that gun he showed you, a little flag that says "Bang"?
Abbie Carmichael: What about the rights of children not to be shot when they go to school?
Lennie Briscoe: One of my ex-wives called this morning to bust my chops.
Ed Green: Which one?
Lennie Briscoe: I forget.

Background information and notes

  • Patricia Semple mentions that Jack McCoy and Abbie Carmichael were the attorneys who tried the death penalty case for Mitch Regan when he was suspsected of killing a delivery driver (L&O: Teenage Wasteland)
  • Goof: The actor playing the first suspect, after being apprehended by Detective Green and escorted through a crowd towards the car, can be seen with both hands behind his back, holding the cuffs ... the cuffs had not been secured around one of the actor's wrists.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Bennett Square Houses
465 West 186th Street
Wednesday, March 8

Office Of
Max Roberts
Guidance Counselor
Thursday, March 9

Apartment Of
Mr. & Mrs. James Anders
152 West 95th Street
Thursday, March 9

4 5 6

27th Precinct
Interrogation Room
Tuesday, April 2

Office Of
Dr. Emil Skoda
Friday, April 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 17
Thursday, May 18

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