L&O, Episode 5.09
Production number: 69415
First aired: 30 November 1994
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McCoy Kincaid Scoundrels
Written By
Ed Zuckerman & Charles C. Mann

Directed By
Marc Laub


Suspects in a lawyer's murder include a swindler, who conned a woman out of her fortune, and the woman's once wealthy son.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast



Kincaid: We can't arrest him.
McCoy: I'm a DA. I can arrest anybody.

Background information and notes

  • This episode was inspired by the cases of Charles Keating and Ivan Boesky. (Ivan Boesky at Wikipedia)

Episode scene cards

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Apartment Of
Arthur Kopinsky
476 West 10th Street
Tuesday, August 20

Empire Gifts Showroom
205-5th Avenue
Thursday, August 22

Fred Dillon, ESQ.
Barnes, Smith & Simeon
307 Park Avenue
Monday, August 26

4 5 6

Glen Ivy Retirement Home
507 West 116th Street
Thursday, August 29

Apartment Of
John & Harriet Curren
716 West 64th Street
Wednesday, September 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 59
Monday, October 15

7 8 9

Roy Leonard, P.I.
East 78th Street & Lexington
Wednesday, October 23

Supreme Court
Trial Part 44
Thursday, November 14

Supreme Court
Trial Part 44
Thursday, November 14

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