Sean Albert
Name Sean Albert
Occupation Medical supply company driver
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial statutory rapist
Con artist
Family Brendan Riggs (son with Ashley Riggs)
Status Imprisoned
Actor James Van Der Beek
First Appearance "Father Dearest"

Sean Albert is a sexual predator who raped young girls conceived from sperm donated by his longtime rival Colin Barnes.


Sean's ex-girlfriend Anne began dating Colin shortly after ending her relationship with Sean. She and Colin eventually married, igniting in Sean a fierce jealousy of Colin; he believes that Colin stole a life that was rightfully his. Sean's hatred of Colin intensified when Colin turned him in for taking the MCAT exam for someone else, resulting in his getting kicked out of medical school.

After hearing Colin and Anne's daughter Taylor Barnes complain about her dad, he decided to contact Colin's donor daughters and tell them that he is their biological father so that he can take advantage of their emotional vulnerability. He would use a song he used to romance Anne, "My One True Love", to seduce these girls and then rape them. After that he contacted Taylor and uses the same trick to sleep with her. He contacts Taylor's mom and tells her that if she doesn't meet him, she will never see Taylor again. When he is arrested by the detectives he refuses to say where Taylor is, unless he speaks with Anne first. When she meets with him, he tells her that Taylor is dead to make her and Colin suffer. Taylor is found, alive, and realizes the truth about Sean. She testifies against him, and helps send him to prison on multiple counts of rape.

Known Victims

  • 2011:
    • Ashley Riggs (raped and impregnated)
    • Melissa Stack (raped)
  • April 2012: