Sean Kelley
Sean Kelley
Name Sean Kelley
Occupation Builder
Pathology Assailant
Sexual assailant
Alleged murderer
Family Dana Kelley (wife)
Cory Kelley (son)
Eric Byers (stepson; deceased)
Status Unknown
Actor Josh Charles
First Appearance "Confession"

Sean Kelley is an assailant who sodomized his stepson Eric Byers for being a pedophile.


Sean had a strong hatred of pedophiles and upon discovering that Eric had sexual feelings for his son Cory, he became determined that Eric had molested Cory and went as far as to tell Cory that Eric had molested him. However, it soon became clear Sean was coaching Cory and that Cory was not molested by anyone.

When Eric ran away and hid in an abandoned building, Sean found Eric and sodomized him in an act of revenge. Eventually, Eric was found dead and Sean was arrested on suspicion for his murder. Sean confessed that he did sodomize Eric but that Eric was alive and crying when he left him. Although Sean was cleared of suspicion of murder when it was discovered that Jake Berlin murdered Eric, it was unknown if Sean was charged or imprisoned for sodomizing Eric. (SVU: "Confession")

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