Sebastian Ballentine
Sebastian Ballentine
Name Henry Palaver
Title Sebastian Ballentine
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial kidnapper
Serial harasser
Repeat offender
Con artist
Family Carlene Ballentine (wife)
Henry J. Ballentine (adopted son)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Martin Short
First Appearance "Pure"

Sebastian Ballentine (born Henry Palaver) is a con artist who is responsible for sexually assaulting numerous women in New York and Canada. He and his wife Carlene kidnapped several young girls to satisfy his pathological need to rape virgins. He made his living as a con artist; he had the ability to read people's facial expressions, so he passed himself off as a psychic and bilked his clients out of large sums of money by telling them what he intuited they wanted to hear.


Sebastian was previously charged for kidnapping and sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl in his native Canada, for which he served five years because his victim memorized his license plates. He married Carlene Ballentine in prison, but the union was never consummated because she wasn't a virgin. After he was released, he recruited her as his accomplice in picking up young virgins and raping them.

Carlene killed a woman named Danette Lancour and stole her baby, whom she named Henry Jr. They were then forced to flee to New York. In 2005, he abducted and raped a young girl named Kaley Sellers, and went to the Special Victims Unit claiming to have had a vision of the kidnapping so he could witness the chaos he had set in motion. He even took Kaley's family on as clients, claiming to know where she was. Meanwhile, Carlene killed Kaley to cover his tracks and abducted Sister Peg.

Detectives Benson and Stabler eventually discovered his true identity and came to suspect him of the murder and kidnapping. Benson extracted a confession from Carlene, and they found Sister Peg alive. Upon finding out that Carlene had confessed, Sebastian angrily called her a "whore" and tried to strangle her. Stabler, who had taken an immediate dislike to Sebastian, swore to him that he would remain in New York to face charges, even though Canada wanted to extradite him for his previous offenses.

Known Victims

  • 1992-1997, Canada:
    • An unnamed 14-year-old girl (kidnapped and sexually assaulted)
    • At least 12 unnamed virgin girls (all raped)
  • 2005, New York City, New York, U.S.:
    • February 25: Kaley Sellers (kidnapped and raped; was murdered by Carlene the next day)
    • February 27: Carlene Ballentine (accomplice; attempted to strangle)
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