Law and Order
Law and Order
SVU, Episode 2.12
Production number: E1402
First aired: 2 February 2001
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Teleplay By
Robert F. Campbell & Jonathan Greene

Story By
Wendy West

Directed By
Arthur W. Forney

The rape and murder of a teacher isn't what it seems, when her sexual history comes to light.


When dedicated schoolteacher Marnie Owens is found brutally murdered, it's first discovered that she lived a fairly simple life, but the case takes a twist when the detectives discover Marnie's secret sex life that may have been the reason for her murder.


Due to her in-home work with troubled teenagers, dedicated professor Marnie Owens is found brutally raped and murdered. The team tracks Ethan Chance, the last one she saw on that day. He in turn produces the startling revelation that she was sexually addicted, information which is corroborated by the victim's brother and psychiatrist. One of her ex-lovers reveals the location of a secret underground sex club. After the team arrests the club's patron, they discover that one of the customers, Philip Montrose, had an unusual relationship with Marnie and is recognized by Ethan as being at the crime scene. He confesses but claims the death was accidental. Although the team does not believe him, Montrose is convicted of manslaughter charges, a deal that disgusts both Benson and Stabler.


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"The law isn't always about justice."
"Who let you in on our dirty little secret?"
"All the Marnie's who came before.

- Donald Cragen and Alexandra Cabot

"What'd you order?"
"Oh, she ordered for us -- sex, with four other guys."

- Olivia Benson and Philip Montrose

"Make me run on my bad knee."

- Odafin Tutuola

"You must have some innermost secret."
"I'm a Republican."

- John Munch and Odafin Tutuola

"Anybody who recognizes her raise the hand not holding up your clothes" - Olivia Benson

"Check this out."
"Family photos?"
"More like a stalker's scrapbook."

- Odafin Tutuola and John Munch

"Marnie Owen's problem wasn't that she had group sex, it was that she couldn't stop herself."
"We got fourteen others here from Dante's, what's their excuse?"
"You mean the fireman, the accountant, the director of human resources, all consenting adults behind closed doors, nobody gets hurt? They don't need an excuse!"
"That's easy for you to say Mr. Letting It All Hang Out At Some Art Gallery! "

- John Munch and Odafin Tutuola

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Douglas MacArthur
High School
201 Rivington School
Wednesday, January 24

Bellevue Hospital
462 First Avenue
Wednesday, January 24

St. James Church
240 E. 12th Street
Thursday, January 25

Computer Crimes Unit
1 Police Plaza
Friday, January 26

Office of
Dr. Bennett Alston
668 Madison Avenue
Friday, January 26

6 7 8 9

222 Prince Street
Friday, January 26

Douglas MacArthur
High School
201 Rivington School
Tuesday, January 30

Rikers Island
Wednesday, January 31

Chambers of
Judge Lena Petrovsky
Thursday, February 1

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