Law and Order
Law and Order
CI, Episode 1.17
Production number: E2119
First aired: 31 March 2002
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Teleplay By
Hall Powell

Story By
Hall Powell & René Balcer

Directed By
Michael Fields


Dr. Buckman and Dr. Dwyer were doing a study on whether rage killers would have a brain lesion Buckman theorized they'd have which caused them to kill out of rage. Dwyer murdered Rosa Dern under the influence of Kevin Riddick, the Motel Ripper. Buckman had previously told Riddick truths about Dwyer which Reddick could use to his advantage to attract her. Buckman knew Dr. Dwyer was submissive and that Reddick would likely be able to get her to perform a copycat killing for him. Buckman knew Reddick didn't have the lesion which he theorized serial rage killers would have but knew that Dr. Dwyer had it and that if she killed, it would help prove his theory. After Dr. Buckman and Dr. Dwyer are arrested and dragged away, Carver then asks Goren if Buckman's theory is proven. Goren replies that she killed out of love, not rage.


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Goren: She wasn't driven to kill by rage. She did it out of love.
Carver: Love?
Goren: It's a many splendored thing.----
Goren: What did I tell you about the negligent dad?
Eames: I don't know, I forgot to write it down.

Holding hands with a serial killer. That sounds like probable cause for a search warrant.

–Alexandra Eames

Attorney: I thought you would have wanted to discuss your legal predicament.
Carver: The only predicament I have is wondering what tie to wear to your client's execution.

Serial killer groupies. And I thought I was pathetic with my ABBA fan club card.

–Alexandra Eames

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