Law and Order
SVU, Episode 10.19
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First aired: 28 April 2009
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Written By
Mick Betancourt

Directed By
David Platt


Episode summary


Ashlee Walker was questioned by Stabler and Benson about Sierra

When it is reported by Ruth Walker that her eleven-month-old granddaughter, Sierra Walker, is missing Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler investigate. After rounds of interrogation and a failed Amber Alert, Benson and Stabler believe that the prime suspect is none other than Sierra's young and irresponsible mother, Ashlee Walker.

The case takes a surprising turn when it is discovered that Sierra wasn't murdered, but actually died of measles, something which Ashlee was unaware of. It later turns out that Sierra was infected by an un-vaccinated boy. It also turns out that the boy's mother Monica Stewart refused to vaccinate her son for religious reasons, prompting Cabot to sue against Stewart for the death of Sierra. However, Stewart is declared not guilty, which then causes the Walker family to snap out and take justice in their own hands. Ashlee and her mother attempt to murder Stewart in revenge for Sierra's death, but they are arrested; eventually Ashlee's father breaks in with a gun, blaming Stewart for his granddaughter's death, but rather than shooting Stewart, he instead shoots himself.


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Maria Gonzales: Don't wake him up!
John Munch (holding doll): Lady, unless this is Pinocchio, he's not waking up.
Elliot Stabler: Who called you in, Sofie?
Sophie Devere: Ashlee's father Ralph. Apparently, he saw me on television.
Elliot Stabler: And dialed 1-800-Weasel?
Devere: For Heaven's sake, Alex, she coulda walked!
Cabot: Yeah. But I'm giving her a chance to grow up.
Olivia Benson: Are you shot?
Monica Stewart: He pointed the gun at me. I begged him not to shoot. He said, "Now you've killed two people." And then he put the gun in his mouth and fired.

Background information and notes

  • Another SVU episode that deals with measles is "Granting Immunity".
  • Goof: During the interrogation of Maria, Tutuola accidently refers to Sierra Walker as Sarah Miller.
  • Goof: Near the end of the episode, when Olivia and the Walker family are in the ladies room, all of the stalls have doors. However, a few seconds later, if you look to the right of the father (the stall next to where Ashlee was) you can see the empty hinge holes and the door is missing.

Episode scene cards

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Tompkins Square Park
Monday, February 16

Walker Residence
364 East 12th Street
Monday, February 16

Walker Residence
364 East 12th Street
Tuesday, February 17

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Rikers Island
Wednesday, February 18

Faber Residence
27414 Cook Road
Watertown, New York
Wednesday, February 18

Supreme Court
Trial Part 47
Friday, April 10

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