Law and Order
Law and Order
CI, Episode 4.01
Production number: E5404
First aired: 26 September 2004
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Teleplay By
Gerry Conway

Story By
Gerry Conway & René Balcer

Directed By
Frank Prinzi

The investigation into the death of a controversial and self-destructive radio deejay, leads Detectives Goren and Eames to placebos instead of his antidepressant medications.




Main cast[]

Guest cast[]


Federal Communications Commission, WVYS, Staten Island Ferry


"Well I'm no shrink, but 40 milligrams of Paroxetine a day is enough to make a hound dog smile."

- Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

"Last time, he left a suicide note?"
"He made a tape. He had it with him in the car. Ray loves the sound of his own voice."

- Robert Goren and Kelly Garnett

"Don't you care about me at all? I know you do, I saw it."
"I didn't mean for you to see it."

- Nelda Carlson and Robert Goren

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Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Season 4
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